Farmers Market Bowl

HI THERE! Shelby here- Our first blog post! I have so much to say; but want to start off thanking everyone who has supported, messaged and followed us! We are energetic and excited to show you the other half of what we set out to do. Behind the scene of the making of our boards, collabs, hired events, adventures around LA and recipe development. You'll see that I am the lover of all things "savory, salty and spiced" and my sister, savannah, makes sweets like nothing you've ever seen or tasted. (If you have had one of her brown butter cookies you'll know what I'm talking about.) She has so many amazing recipes she has developed over the years and I can't wait for her to share them here. 

For the first recipe, I wanted to share a pretty easy, satisfying and delicious bowl. Bowls are a huge thing here in LA, and I get it! We are constantly on the go, but want something that is contained, simple and can be versatile. This recipe is inspired by literally things we see at famers markets when we are gathering produce for our boards.


  • Brown Rice

  • Pesto (we make our own) 

  •  Flowering Broccolini 

  • Candy Cane Beets

  • French Market Radish

  • Pickled Shallots

  • Egg

  • Optional: Micro Greens


  • Prepare Brown rice as you would

  • Make or use store bought pesto 

  • Heat pan with olive oil and lightly saut√© the flowering broccolini, add a pinch of salt and fresh cracked pepper

  • Crack a egg ontop of the oil left over from the broccolini or add a little butter (we did.) cook until edges are nice and crispy and yolk is still runny. Add a pink of salt/pepper and red pepper flakes

  • Slice a beet (with a mandoline preferably) 

  • Chop or slice radish 

  • Assemble Bowl and enjoy! 

One Bowl Granola